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Paranormal Investigators - Canada

Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society - TAPIS
Formerly HAPIA as of our date of registration, TAPIS is the only LEGAL group operating in Edmonton Alberta, and one of the very few legalized groups in Western Canada! It took a few years to come up with a legalized set of bylaws, code of ethics, and code of conduct that we feel every team who claims to be professionals should be operating by. We are professionals in it for the truth, and to help those that call us in finding that truth behind paranormal experiences they are having. Our site consists of collected data from our investigations, theories, essays, and submissions from people not only from Alberta, but from all over the world. There are no charges for our services. Many other groups claim to be professional (although they are not registered in their cities or with the government), but with our commitment - you can guarantee that we are! We have been investigating the paranormal for over 20 years.

The Canadian Association of Ufology and Paranormal Phenomena
A group dedicated to the study and investigations of paranormal phenomena and UFO sightings in Canada.

Trent Hills Ghost Seekers
We are not "ghost busters" nor do we claim to be experts in the field of the paranormal. What we are is a group of people interested in collecting audio and visual proof of life after death.

Paranormal Muskoka
A web site dedicated to spiritual activity particularly in the Muskoka region, introducing our Investigators, giving out factual information, etc... Sue Hayes is head of the Team...