Paranormal Investigators - Colorado

Colorado Para-Tech
First, we are Colorado Para-Tech Investigations, a registered Colorado non-profit organization of seasoned paranormal investigators whose mission is to provide factual and realistic answers based on hard evidence to businesses, families, and individuals in Colorado who need help with paranormal problems absolutely free of charge. We use state of the art equipment, proven scientific methods, and adhere to a strict code of ethics to evaluate, investigate, and document possible hauntings and other paranormal activity. We specialize in private cases and have the equipment, knowledge, training, and experience to properly manage and document all aspects of paranormal research. We are people just like you who volunteer our time and resources to help others in need.

Second, we are Colorado Para-Tech, a paranormal investigation equipment manufacturing division that was born from the creation of the Ghost Light. We make The support of the paranormal community has encouraged C.P.T. to continue to help advance paranormal research through the development and enhancement of existing and new technologies. We also conduct ongoing field investigations and lab experiments to help gain insights into paranormal research equipment needs, as well as, explore all aspects of paranormal phenomena. We will continue to develop and produce the best possible tools that we can for paranormal research and make them affordable for everyone.

This site showcases our investigations, evidence, research, and product development. We will also feature information and media from our experiments and studies, and helpful how-to information and product reviews that we find useful for the paranormal community. We are here to help.