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Paranormal Investigators - Kentucky

The Dark Side Of Louisville Paranormal Society
Paranormal Group of Investigators in Louisville, KY. We offer free Investigations of homes and businesses.

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team
Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team is located in Eastern Kentucky. Our goal is research and development in the field of the paranormal. Our mission is not to prove to skeptics that ghost exist, but to learn as much as we can about the subject itself. Some members of Dravenstar have had over a decade of research and investigation under their belts. It is our goal to remain professional and provide any help we can.

Paranormal Investigators of Cairo Kentucky
We provide complete, confidential, and compassionate help to those having paranormal activity. With over 2 years of in-field experience in paranormal investigation, we uphold professional quality service to all those seeking help. We never charge for investigations or consultations.