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Paranormal Investigators - Massachusetts

RTS Paranormal Investigations
We conduct free paranormal investigations and are located in Wrentham, MA. We have a contact us page, a team members bio page, and photos of locations we have investigated. We update our site every few weeks.

Sights Unseen Paranormal
Sights Unseen Paranormal offers free paranormal investigations to business owners, organizations, and individuals throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

EPIC - Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Incorporated
PIC - Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Incorporated is a legally registered non-profit organization based in the Worcester, Massachusetts area. We conduct paranormal investigations and research into parapsychological entities such as ghosts, spirits, and inhuman entities in order to attempt to provide answers to the client as to what they may be experiencing that they believe is parapsychological paranormal activity, as well as to resolve the activity. Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Inc. team's investigative & research approach is a combination of scientific, pseudo-scientific, & secular spiritual methodology. We provide our services to our clients at no cost.

Anthony Duda, New England's Paranormal Investigator
Anthony Duda, New England's paranormal investigator since 1992. Ghosts and hauntings, EVP, UFOs, cryptozoology.

The Massachusetts Paranormal Research Group
The Massachusetts Paranormal Research Group is an all volunteer organization. Our mission statment is simply this: We will assist people who are experiencing paranormal activity, events or episodes and provide them with a solution or explanation for their specific encounter while adhering to strict policies and guidelines to protect their confidentiality. We are not funded by any governmental or corporate entity and exist solely on the kindness of a few benefactors plus our own personal contributions to continue to maintain and procure state of the art equipment as is necessary in our field. Our drive to do this is our thirst for knowledge of all things paranormal and our desire to help others through education, explanation, and intervention.