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Paranormal Investigators - North Carolina

Catawba County Paranormal Investigators
Hi, and welcome to C.C.P.I. Catawba County Paranormal Investigators. This site was created for paranormal groups and people who are having paranormal activity. We are located in Claremont NC, and expand in a few other states, such as VA, SC, an PA. If you would like to contact us for an investigation whether in home or business please do so or to share a paranormal experience please email Johnathan at and we will respond asap! We have done a number of investigations and received some striking results. If anyone needs us to investigate your home or property we can do so free of charge, donations are welcome for battery's and new equipment to help our evidence further. My email again is message me please if you would like our help or email and please understand that this is no joke and only contact me if you are experiencing paranormal activity. If there are any other investigators that have experience and would like to join message me.

Port City Paranormal
Our web site is dedicated to allow us to share nonconfidential information to others. We are a non provoke team, we do not depend on psychics, personal experiences or methods of divination as evidence. Award winning photographs, videos and blogs included. Please see our website for all details. All investigations free of charge.

3P Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal investigators look for answers concerning paranormal activity. Evidence supporting life after death and psychic abilities can be found on the website.

Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of the Carolinas
The Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of the Carolinas is a non-profit professional paranormal research organization dedicated to discovering the truth behind claims of paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena. APIC has a mission to provide information, support, comfort, and evidence to those involved, experiencing, or troubled by paranormal activity. Using the most technologically advanced methodologies available, our team of trained and specialized investigators carefully review and analyze scientific data and personal experiences to determine if suspected activity is paranormal or para-natural associated with life after death and the continuation of human consciousness after physical disembodiment. The APIC team attempts to exhaust all claims of activity logically by examining natural causes before jumping to any conclusions of paranormal activity. Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of the Carolinas is based out of South-East part of South Carolina and covers areas in and surrounding South and North Carolina area.