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Paranormal Investigators - New Jersey

Bellewood Paranormal of New Jersey
Free investigations. No need to be afraid of the dark. We are here to help.

New Jersey Ghost Investigations
New Jersey Ghost Investigations (NJGI) are a group of paranormal investigators covering the state of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. NJGI consists of seasoned paranormal investigators with the common goal of providing a solid and comprehensive resource for those concerned with possible paranormal activity.

Southern Jersey Shore Paranormal Research And Investigations
Professional Paranormal Research And Investigations, located in Ocean County New Jersey, helping people with unexplained activity and ghostly encounters. Our site provides information, evidence, and help. Our sight is dedicated to a better understanding of the paranormal.

South Jersey Paranormal Research
One of the largest and most well-established groups on the East Coast, serving NJ, Eastern PA, and DE. Legally incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

NJROPE Paranormal
Serving NJ, DE and PA. Investigations are free and confidential. We strive to help those who are trying to bridge the gap between the world we know and the unseen one around us.

Paranormal research and investigation of ghosts, hauntings, orbs, ufos, cryptids, and other unexplained phenomena.